RealRelax Smart Shiatsu Massage Chair Favor-S01


Favor-S1 black
Favor-S1 brown
  • Product Description

        RealRelax 3D Smart Favor-S01Massage Chair

      Favor-S01 is the newest design smart massage chair.full-body massagewith 8massage pointsgive you the comfortable massage experience.
      1. The newest ergonomic design.
      2. The best-quality leather, soft and comfortable.
      3. With zero gravitation design, you feel fully relaxed phisically and mentally.
      4. 8 massage points inside of the backrest work together with other areas to provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to toe.
      5. To promote blood circulation and improve metabolism, vibrator is built inside of the seat
      6. Rollers massage the feet.
      7. Footrests extented for taller individuals.
      8. 5 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods that to give you the best massage experience.
      9. Advanced smart control.

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