Real Relax Chair Dust Cover Furniture Protector Cover for Massager Chair and Sofa (Black)


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      • 90% Dacron/10% Spandex
      • Application: 57.08”*43.3”*32.28” (smaller is ok) massager chair or other chairs.
      • Fabric: 90% Dacron + 10% Spandex, elastic, does not fade easily and Tear resistant
      • Use: Dust proof, protect furniture, but not waterproof ( massager chair, sofa, recliner chair, chaise lounge, etc)
      • Feature: This chair cover comes with adjustable elastic buckle, for easy adjustment perfect for covering the chair.
      • Sometime you do not need the massager chair, put the cover on it, protect your furniture.

      Fabric:90% Dacron/10% Spandex

      Size: 57.08”*43.3”*32.28”

      Use: Dust proof, protect furniture ( massager chair, sofa, recliner chair, chaise lounge, etc)

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      We started RealRleax to provide every user with a quality yet affordable chair. Our chairs are carefully and meticulously designed and made from only top-quality materials to keep you relax with comfortable and healthy.

      We began in 2014,we found a lot of people strain on their backs and wrists from spending long periods in front of their computers.and we found the massage chairs on the market are expensive or old style.

      Dissatisfied with the available chairs, we went on a mission to develop the chair that could provide maximum comfort at a reasonable cost, and assembled a team experienced in many areas, such as craftsmanship, industrial design, and customer service.

      In Jan 2015, our first Realrelax massage chair---Favor-01 was launched,and we’ve not stopped,so far we developed 5 different models of massage chairs.On top of our high-quality chairs, we work hard to do right by users by maintaining only the best customer and aftercare services, and selling directly, so you don’t have to pay for retailers or distributors’ mark-ups.

      In just three years, we upgraded the seating experiences of users in over 40 countries worldwide — such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and regions such as Europe and South-east Asia. And we’re only getting started.

      Our goal? A Realrelax massage chair for you to get the real relax.


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